How I am Going to Improve My Life Every Week

So here is the game plan.

First, I’m going to look in the mirror every week. That is both literal and metaphorical. It depends on what I’m trying to be brutally honest with myself about.

Once I look in the mirror, I am going to create a game plan (which will probably be a new, healthy habit).


Then each week I will add to it, creating a new and better me.

Looking in the Mirror #

So lets look in the mirror. It isn’t pretty…

I weigh in at 222 lbs:
Man boobs, fat gut, stretch marks, and my thighs rub together.

And you can tell by those skinny arms it isn’t muscle.

How I got here isn’t important. What is important is how I’m going to get out.

The Game Plan #

I came across a podcast by Danger & Play. He lost 80 pounds!?!

What did he do?

Intermittent fasting.

And I think is the right plan for me. In the past I’ve lost weight (20 pounds) with NutriSystem (terrible, terrible food). Gained it and lost it again when going Vegan (again about 20 pounds). Could never lose anymore.

While working I would skip lunch to get work done. No snacks either. By the time I got home to eat, It resulted in 10 hours a day of no food.

I realized I finally got to my lowest weight (about 209). Once I left the job (I was only there for a month) the weight came back.

So the plan is to try to copy Mr. Danger & Play as much as possible. From what I gather from the podcast, I won’t eat until 2:30pm. Once I’m there, I’m going to enjoy a nice, high-calorie, meal. And eat until late if I want to (say 10:30 right before I go to bed.

Okay guys here we go. Week 1.


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