Starting Again: Week 4ish

Okay, I’ve been bad.

Not updating this blog like I should have been.

I hover around 212-215. Still down from 222…

My roommates are finally back. I can feel my willpower and my ability to abstain from bad food coming back. I’m going to keep doing the fasting and vegan diet.

Also, I was finally able to fix my bike. So I’ll be biking everyday just around the neighborhood.

Big fail here….but now I know why.

After reading the article How to Make Friends (as a Shy Introvert), I realized I was making things way too hard on myself.

I would drive to the downtown/college area and try to start conversations with people. If I’m brutally honest with myself this was pretty dumb. Even if I did manage to make a friend (I haven’t yet), it would be hard to keep it going given the distance between us.

So now I am going to be going around meet people in my neighborhood.

The plan is to just ring the doorbell of a new house each time I take my dog for a walk.

I am nervous….very nervous.

However, I think if I start with my house farthest from me it will help with my nervousness.

Wish me luck!


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