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Week 5: Perspective

I’ve been thinking a lot, and things aren’t that bad.

Sure, I’ve done things that didn’t bare fruit, but that doesn’t make them meaningless in and of themselves.

My recent activities from the last few weeks, even from the last few years, has helped me to create more of a laser focus on what needs to be done.

Fail more, fail often, and then you’ll succeed faster.

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Starting Again: Week 4ish

Okay, I’ve been bad.

Not updating this blog like I should have been.

I hover around 212-215. Still down from 222…

My roommates are finally back. I can feel my willpower and my ability to abstain from bad food coming back. I’m going to keep doing the fasting and vegan diet.

Also, I was finally able to fix my bike. So I’ll be biking everyday just around the neighborhood.

Big fail here….but now I know why.

After reading the article How to Make Friends (as a Shy Introvert), I realized I was making things way too hard on myself.

I would drive to the downtown/college area and try to start conversations with people. If I’m brutally honest with myself this was pretty dumb. Even if I did manage to make a friend (I haven’t yet), it would be hard to keep it going given the distance between us.

So now I am going to be going around meet people in my neighborhood.


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Week 3 & Progress Report

Hey guys!

Wanted to let you know how things went.

Weight Loss: Down to 212…back up to 214 over the weekend.
Starting weight was 222 lbs.

So when fasting and being vegan from Monday-Friday, I lose about 6 pounds. When I stop fasting and start eating cheese products on the weekend, I gain about 2 pounds.

While I am tempted to fast and be vegan during the weekend too, I think I need the mental break. My problem is I can over do it some days on the weekend or break my fast/diet on the weekdays.

And the scale reflects this the following day.

But overall, I have losing weight (about 4 pounds a week). So nothing to complain about.

Approaching Random Strangers: Wednesday I went out and approached. I did two people. It went very well. I was excited.

The following day I only did one. And I got a little depressed afterwards.

I believe the depression came from a lack of real human...

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Week 2 & Progress Report!

I did it!

Fasted everyday (I did take a break on the weekends) and lost weight!

The program is incredibly simple too!

I went from 222 lbs. to 216 lbs. That’s 6 pounds! I did stop the diet for the weekend and went back to 218, but I’m okay with that. I was eating out with the family to celebrate Mother’s Day early. Did stay vegan (okay, okay one pepperoni pizza) the whole time we were out eating. I’ve noticed lots of restaurants now cater a lot to vegans/vegetarians. But it might just be all the Indians that live in my area creating the demand for vegan options.

The beauty of the program is in its simplicity. No real thinking, I just don’t eat until 2:30 PM. Problem with other diets is once you start putting food in your mouth, it becomes an emotional action; you can’t nor do you want to regulate what you are putting in your mouth. I think eating vegan also helps. Been reading the...

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How I am Going to Improve My Life Every Week

So here is the game plan.

First, I’m going to look in the mirror every week. That is both literal and metaphorical. It depends on what I’m trying to be brutally honest with myself about.

Once I look in the mirror, I am going to create a game plan (which will probably be a new, healthy habit).


Then each week I will add to it, creating a new and better me.

Looking in the Mirror

So lets look in the mirror. It isn’t pretty…

I weigh in at 222 lbs:
Man boobs, fat gut, stretch marks, and my thighs rub together.

And you can tell by those skinny arms it isn’t muscle.

How I got here isn’t important. What is important is how I’m going to get out.

The Game Plan

I came across a podcast by Danger & Play. He lost 80 pounds!?!

What did he do?


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It is Time to Look in the Mirror

It is time to look in the mirror…

I don’t know when it started, but I stopped looking into the mirror. No, I literally stopped looking into the mirror. My hair started to thin when I was 18, but wasn’t noticeable Around 25 I stopped looking cause I hated what I saw. I am now 30 and not only is my hair thin, but I have gain a lot of weight.

And other places of my life have gone to shit:
-Massive amounts of student debt
-No car of my own
-Living with my parents
-No girlfriend
-No friends

Enough is enough. It is time…

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