Week 2 & Progress Report!

I did it!

Fasted everyday (I did take a break on the weekends) and lost weight!

The program is incredibly simple too!

I went from 222 lbs. to 216 lbs. That’s 6 pounds! I did stop the diet for the weekend and went back to 218, but I’m okay with that. I was eating out with the family to celebrate Mother’s Day early. Did stay vegan (okay, okay one pepperoni pizza) the whole time we were out eating. I’ve noticed lots of restaurants now cater a lot to vegans/vegetarians. But it might just be all the Indians that live in my area creating the demand for vegan options.

The beauty of the program is in its simplicity. No real thinking, I just don’t eat until 2:30 PM. Problem with other diets is once you start putting food in your mouth, it becomes an emotional action; you can’t nor do you want to regulate what you are putting in your mouth. I think eating vegan also helps. Been reading the studies. There seems to be a directly link to meat consumption and weight gain. Check out #41 and section called “But Won’t I Gain Weight with Less Protein?”

 Week 2 Self Improvement

So the way this is going to work is I’m going to keep piling up the weekly self improvement. In other words, I’m going to continue the fast, but add another action to take during the week.

Week 2 Assignment: Meet a New Person Everyday

Good news is I get my car come Wednesday. So actually Wednesday to Sunday, I’ll meet someone new everyday (I’m stuck out in the rural area for now).

I’ve done pickup artist boot camps (hitting on random girls…very intimidating); so I’m pretty confident about my skill level at the moment. I know it’ll still be tough though.

Probably one of the best steps to take before you go out to meet someone is to put yourself in the right mental frame. Be positive when you go out and imagine yourself already doing it.

What really works for me is to practice at home. I know it sounds weird, but practicing in the privacy of your own home will start to build your confidence before you go out.

You also need to go to places that the culture fits your personality and has lots of opportunity to meet people. Here is an old post about the art of social skydiving. I think the author is right that it can be one of the most most exhilarating things you can do in your life.

Alright guys, I’ll let you know how things went Sunday or Monday.



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