Week 3 & Progress Report

Hey guys!

Wanted to let you know how things went.

Weight Loss: Down to 212…back up to 214 over the weekend.
Starting weight was 222 lbs.

So when fasting and being vegan from Monday-Friday, I lose about 6 pounds. When I stop fasting and start eating cheese products on the weekend, I gain about 2 pounds.

While I am tempted to fast and be vegan during the weekend too, I think I need the mental break. My problem is I can over do it some days on the weekend or break my fast/diet on the weekdays.

And the scale reflects this the following day.

But overall, I have losing weight (about 4 pounds a week). So nothing to complain about.

Approaching Random Strangers: Wednesday I went out and approached. I did two people. It went very well. I was excited.

The following day I only did one. And I got a little depressed afterwards.

I believe the depression came from a lack of real human interaction. My roommates (a couple in love) took off. I’ve been alone for about a week now. My approaches with strangers were politically correct interactions. Nothing more. No emotions or human connections were made.

I think it just takes time to build up the confidence and flow that I experienced in the past. I have to keep moving forward.

Week 3 #

Since I didn’t make much progress last week, I’m keeping the same assignment.

Approach and talk to random strangers.

Wish me luck!


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